Living in Seville

Seville is located southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, in the center of the autonomous community of Andalusia, which is capital. Spain's fourth largest city in the number of inhabitants can be considered, without doubt, the artistic, cultural, financial, economic and social development of southern Spain.

The climate of Seville is a Mediterranean climate, with an average annual temperature of 26 º C in summer and 12 º C in winter, with soft breezes blowing through the spring and summer. The winters are mild and short rainy autumns, with higher temperatures during the summer. Its nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year, make the climate of Seville can be considered almost perfect in all seasons.

In regard to the history of the city, many different cultures have been formed over centuries of cultural heritage, monumental and artistic heritage can be admired in its streets and museums. Featured Tartessian traces of its past, Roman, Jewish and Arabic are still visible.

This section contains a series of links to some of the most interesting sites in terms of cultural information, services and tourism.