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Persulfidation proteome reveals the regulation of protein function by hydrogen sulfide in diverse biological processes in Arabidopsis
Aroca, A., Benito, J.M., Gotor, C., Romero, L.C.
J. Experimental Botany
68 :
( 2017 )
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HCN regulates cellular processes through posttranslational modification of proteins by S-cyanylation
García, I., Arenas-Alfonseca, L., Moreno, I., Gotor, C., Romero, L.C.
Plant Physiology
179 :
( 2019 )
Publicaciones en revistas
HOS15 controls transition from repressive to active chromatin state for cold tolerance in Arabidopsis
Park J., Lim C.J., Shen M., Park H.J., Cha J-Y, Iniesto E., Rubio V., Mengiste T., Zhu J-K., Bressan R.A., Lee S.Y., Lee B-H., Jin J.B., Pardo J.M., Kim W-Y., Yun D.J.
in press :
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1721241115
( 2018 )