The Instituto de Bioquímica Vegetal y Fotosíntesis (IBVF) is seeking potential candidates to apply for contracts of the EMERGIA program.


Interested candidates should contact via e-mail ( or directly with groups of related research interests.

Research at IBVF ( focuses on the biology of phototrophic organisms including cyanobacteria, algae, and plants. Research at IBVF is organized into two major research lines:

  1. Gene expression and gene regulation, which includes groups interested in: Biotechnology of microalgae

Biology of development in cyanobacteria

Gene expression and signal transduction in photosynthetic organisms

Cell signaling in Chlamydomonas

Regulatory RNAs in cyanobacteria

Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases and translation


  1. Redox biology, metabolism and signaling, which includes groups interested in:

Redox signaling and response to environmental stress in plants

Cysteine metabolism and signaling

Mechanisms of plant adaptation to abiotic stress

Molecular basis of plant development and metabolism

Biotechnology of photosynthetic organisms under stress conditions

Phosphate bioenergetics

Regulation of Arabidopsis telomere structure and function

Molecular biology of starch and sugars metabolism

Plant development unit

Plant-cyanobacteria symbiosis