Type: Publications in journals
The Ancient Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Signaling System Is a Master Regulator of Energy and Carbon Metabolism in Algae
Authors: Ramanan, R., Tran, Q.G., Cho, D.H., Jung, J.E., Kim, B.H., Shin, S.Y., Choi, S.H., Liu, K.H., Kim, D.S., Lee, S.J., Crespo, J.L., Lee, H.G., Oh, H.M., Kim, H.S.
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: 1050-1065
Journal: Plant Physiol.
Volume: 177(3)
Type: Publications in journals
The Cyanobacterial Ribosomal-Associated Protein LrtA from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Is an Oligomeric Protein in Solution with Chameleonic Sequence Properties.
Authors: Contreras, L.M., Sevilla, P., Cámara-Artigas, A., Hernández-Cifre, J.G., Rizzuti, B., Florencio, F.J., Muro-Pastor, M.I., García de la Torre, J., Neira, J.L.
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: 1857
Journal: Int J Mol Sci.
Volume: 19 (7)
Type: Publications in journals
HOS15 controls transition from repressive to active chromatin state for cold tolerance in Arabidopsis
Authors: Park J., Lim C.J., Shen M., Park H.J., Cha J-Y, Iniesto E., Rubio V., Mengiste T., Zhu J-K., Bressan R.A., Lee S.Y., Lee B-H., Jin J.B., Pardo J.M., Kim W-Y., Yun D.J.
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1721241115
Journal: PNAS
Volume: in press
Type: Publications in journals
Upstream kinases of plant SnRKs are involved in salt stress tolerance.
Authors: Barajas-Lopez J.D., Moreno J.R., Gamez-Arjona F.M., Pardo J.M., Punkkinen M., Zhu J.K., Quintero F.J., Fujii H.
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: 107-118
Journal: Plant Journal
Volume: 93
Type: Publications in journals
ß-Cyanoalanine Synthase Action in Root Hair Elongation is Exerted at Early Steps of the Root Hair Elongation Pathway and is Independent of Direct Cyanide Inactivation of NADPH Oxidase
Authors: Arenas-Alfonseca, L., Gotor, C., Romero, L.C., Garcia, I.
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: 1072-1083
Journal: Plant Cell Physiol.
Volume: 59