Type: Publications in journals
Current approaches for detection of hydrogen sulfide and persulfidation in biological systems
Authors: Zhao, D., Zhang, J., Zhou, M., Zhou, H., Gotor, C., Romero, L.C., Shen, J., Yuan, X., Xie, Y.
Publication Year: 2020
Pages: 367-373
Journal: Plant Physiol Biochem
Volume: 155
Type: Publications in journals
The H+-Translocating Inorganic Pyrophosphatase From Arabidopsis thaliana Is More Sensitive to Sodium Than Its Na+-Translocating Counterpart From Methanosarcina mazei
Authors: Pérez-Castiñeira, J.R., Serrano, A.
Publication Year: 2020
Journal: Front. Plant Sci.
Volume: 11
Type: Publications in journals
Hydrogen Sulfide: From a Toxic Molecule to a Key Molecule of Cell Life
Authors: Aroca, A., Gotor, C., Bassham, D.C., Romero, L.C.
Publication Year: 2020
Pages: 621
Journal: Antioxidants
Volume: 9
Type: Publications in journals
NsiR1, a small RNA with multiple copies, modulates heterocyst differentiation in the cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. PCC 7120
Authors: Brenes-Álvarez, M. Minguet, M., Vioque, A. and Muro-Pastor A. M.
Publication Year: 2020
Pages: 3325-3338
Journal: Environmental Microbiology
Volume: 22
Type: Publications in journals
The Nitrogen Stress-Repressed sRNA NsrR1 Regulates Expression of all1871, a Gene Required for Diazotrophic Growth in Nostoc sp. PCC 7120.
Authors: Álvarez-Escribano, I., Brenes-Álvarez, M., Olmedo-Verd, E., Vioque, A., Muro-Pastor, A.M.
Publication Year: 2020
Pages: E54
Journal: Life
Volume: 29;10(5)