Type: Publications in journals
A nitrogen stress inducible small RNA regulates CO2 fixation in Nostoc
Authors: Brenes-Álvarez, M., Olmedo-Verd, E., Vioque, A and Muro-Pastor, A. M.
Publication Year: 2021
Pages: 787-798
Journal: Plant Physiology
Volume: 187
Type: Publications in journals
Tudor staphylococcal nuclease is a docking platform for stress granule components and is essential for SnRK1 activation in Arabidopsis
Authors: Gutierrez-Beltran, E.; Elander, P.H.; Dalman, K.;Dayhoff II, G.W.; Moschou, P.N.; Uversky, V.N.; Crespo, J.L.; Bozhkov, P.V.
Publication Year: 2021
Pages: e105043
Journal: Embo J.
Volume: 40(17)
Type: Publications in journals
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)
Authors: Klionsky, D.J.; Abdel-Aziz, A.K.; Abdelfatah, S.; et al.
Publication Year: 2021
Pages: 1-382
Journal: Autophagy
Volume: 17
Type: Publications in journals
Persulfidation of ATG18a regulates autophagy under ER stress in Arabidopsis
Authors: Aroca, A., Yruela, I., Gotor, C., Bassham, D.C.
Publication Year: 2021
Pages: e2023604118
Journal: PNAS
Volume: 118 (20)
Type: Publications in journals
The heterologous expression of a plastocyanin in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum improves cell growth under iron-deficient conditions
Authors: Castell, C., Bernal-Bayard, P., Ortega, J.M., Roncel, M., Hervás, M., Navarro, J.A.
Publication Year: 2021
Pages: 277-290
Journal: Physiologia Plantarum
Volume: 171(2)