Terms of use

Reservations for use of IBVF Confocal Microscopy or Flow Cytometry services must be booked at least 7 days in advance by calling 954489506 or by sending an e-mail to orea@ibvf.csic.es.

Both an application form and an authorisation form must be completed and delivered to the personnel in charge of the service being requested.

The services provided and the time (hours) they are in use are billed according to the attached rates.

Personnel assign requested hours according to equipment availability and user waiting lists.

If you require more hours than you originally booked, a new allocation must be solicited.

Cancellations of booked services must be made 48 hours in advance.

The user is responsible for sample preparations. Samples should be prepared and mounted in advance. If it is necessary to mount a sample immediately before its analysis, the user must supply all necessary materials.

Technical assistance is provided in order to analyse the specimen under the best possible conditions.

Before using the confocal microscope, it is recommended that the user analyse specimens in his/her laboratory in order to estimate the level of experimental success that can be achieved.

The results of analyses performed on IBVF equipment are provided on CD-ROM or DVD.

The results are also temporarily stored on the hard-disks of the equipment and are systematically deleted on a weekly basis.