Performance standards

The equipment must be reserved sufficiently in advance by notifying a service technician so that the application(s) can be discussed and developed in the most timely manner.

The time required for each analysis varies depending on the type of analysis and the number of samples, but it usually does not exceed one week.

The chromatography service supplies quality solvents and reactives necessary for the preparations of mobile phases and the correct development of applications, except for reactives that are rare or are infrequently used or that are needed in very small doses, in which case the user is responsible for providing them.

The research groups are responsible for their own columns, to which they have exclusive use. If any group desires to use a column that does not belong to them, that group must receive authorisation from the laboratory that owns the column.

The results are delivered in PDF format or in an Excel spreadsheet. A copy of the results is temporarily stored on the equipment, to which the users have full access.

Upon completion of the analysis, the users are given a form listing the service(s) provided. The form must be signed by the supervisor of the Research Group and returned.