Microalgae Biotechnology


The research of the group is focused on the production by photosynthetic microorganisms of compounds with commercial, industrial and energetic interest, such as carotenoids, phycobiliproteins, lipids, polysaccharides or biofuels. Starting from a deep knowledge of the organisms, their key metabolic processes and culture systems, the photosynthetic capacities of these organisms can be exploited for the generation of valuable compounds, coupled to the removal of CO2 generated in industrial processes.

The main objectives are: i) to select suitable strains for every particular application; ii) to assess viability of culture in batch, semicontinuous and continuous regime; and iii) to evaluate the outdoor operation in open ponds and closed photobioreactors of different design.

1) Production of biofuels by photosynthetic microorganisms

2) CO2 removal by photosynthetic microorganisms

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Junta de Andalucía

Selected Publications
Type: Publications in journals
Modelling growth and CO2 fixation by Scenedesmus vacuolatus in continuous culture
Authors: García-Cubero, R., Moreno-Fernández, J., García-González, M.
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 333-339
Journal: Algal Research
Volume: 24 part A
Type: Publications in journals
Microalgae for oil. Assessment of fatty acid productivity in continuous culture by two high-yield strains, Chlorococcum oleofaciens and Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata
Authors: Del Río, E., García-Gómez, E., Moreno-Fernández, J., G. Guerrero, M., García-González, M.
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 37-42
Journal: Algal Research
Volume: 23
Procedimiento para fijar dióxido de carbono mediante la utilización de un cultivo de cianobacterias
Inventors: M. García Guerrero, J. Moreno Fernández, M. García González, A. Martínez Blanco, F.G. Acién Fernández y E. Molina Grima
Date: 11/05/2005
Procedimiento para la obtención de células del alga verde Muriellopsis ricas en luteína, mediante su cultivo en estanques a la intemperie
Inventors: J.A. Del Campo Castillo, J. Moreno Fernández, J. Rivas Florido y M. García Guerrero.
Date: 07/02/2003