Group Members

The phone number is 954489501 and then dial the extension number.

Name Surnamesort icon Current position Phone and extension
Blanca Baños Jaime Degree Student 909115
Inmaculada Couso Liañez Postdoctoral Researcher comFuturo Project 909669
José Luis Crespo González Tenured Scientist (CSIC) 954489574
Emilio Gutiérrez Beltrán Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Researcher 909115
Luis Heredia Martínez Predoctoral FPI 909115
Marta Laguna Pérez Master´s Degree Student 909115
Cristina Navarro Gómez Master´s Degree Student 909115
María Esther Pérez Pérez Postdoctoral Researcher BIO2015-74432-JIN Project 909669
María Dolores Requena Ramírez Master´s Degree Student 909115