Greenhouse Facility

The greenhouse personnel are responsible for preparing the seedling trays, irrigating and disposing of the plants, cleaning and sterilising the necessary materials, and performing the required phytosanitary treatments. The personnel are also responsible for notifying the user or the group’s supervisor of any changes or of any misuse(s) of the chambers.

Any material germinated outside the greenhouse will not be admitted, with the exception of any material coming from axenic or in vitro cultures. If it is exceptionally necessary to introduce a plant from outside the greenhouse, notification must be made several weeks in advance. The plant must then be quarantined for a designated period of time, during which it will be isolated and subjected to repeated phytosanitary treatments (at least three cycles) in order to eliminate any possible associated plague.

Greenhouse service hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:30.

Whenever work must be performed in the greenhouse outside regular working hours (afternoons and weekends), the user must sign in and out of a visitor’s book, which  is kept in the security area, thereby assuming full responsibility for the greenhouse during that period of time. Once the work is complete, all doors must be locked, including doors to all modules.

Requests for the preparation of seedling trays must be made as soon as possible and are required to be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Greenhouse personnel must be informed about any modification(s) made to trays, plant pots and seedlings (withdrawal of trays, changes to the modules, etc.).

All trays must be labelled with the name of the laboratory and the user. If personnel are not notified, any unlabelled trays will be removed within 24-48 hours.

In order to avoid plagues, the use of plastic covers is forbidden inside the chambers. Drying of plants to obtain seeds must be performed on the shelves constructed for that purpose in the greenhouse working area (never inside the chambers). Trays must be labelled with their drying start dates, after which the tray must be removed within a month. If the user has not retrieved the tray after one month has elapsed, greenhouse personnel will notify the group’s principal investigator that the tray must be retrieved within 24-48 hours or it will be eliminated.

Manipulation of plants with mature seeds and collection of seeds must be performed in the area prepared for that purpose (next to the shelves) and not on the table used for cleaning, tray and seedling preparation.

All material requiring disposal/sterilisation must be placed on the shelf prepared for that purpose, after which it will be placed  in the autoclave immediately.

If any phytosanitary treatment is needed within the greenhouse or any of its chambers, all users will be notified 24 hours in advance. A notice will be posted on the door specifying the treatment type, the day, the hour as well as the time period during which the chamber should not be entered. No time or specific plant exceptions will be made in the case of a plague in the greenhouse. In the case of red spider infection, the user will not be allowed to enter any other chamber after entering the infected chamber. This rule applies to greenhouse personnel as well as to users.

Exchanging materials between different greenhouse rooms is forbidden without previous notification of greenhouse personnel. Likewise, it is absolutely forbidden for anyone to exchange materials between the greenhouse and the culture and/or growth chambers.

All chamber doors and the door connecting the greenhouse to the exterior must remain closed at all times.

Once the user’s work is completed, he/she is required to leave the tables clean and tidy so that other users can work without hindrance.

Use of chamber number 3 (for working with pathogens and transgenic plants) requires a high security level, and all security protocols must be followed. These protocols as well as the material relating to security are kept in the greenhouse and are available to all users.