Gene Expression and Cellular Regulation

The research groups in the research area of Gene expression and cellular regulation manage the study of the central processes in the biology of photosynthetic organisms, mainly cyanobacteria, using biotechnology approaches to obtain products ofeconomic interest. Some processes are also studied in eukaryotic algae and chloroplasts. The current projects mainly investigate the adaptation to environmental cues (changes in the availability of macronutrients, C and N, and the presence of contaminants), with an emphasis on the processes of the regulation of gene expression and cellular differentiation, central metabolism, the translation machinery, with an emphasis on the specific features of tRNA synthetases, and energy transduction processes mediated by pyrophosphatases.

Concerning the biotechnology-oriented studies, cyanobacteria and algae are being considered for the production of carotenoid pigments, saturated fatty acids, polysaccharides and biofuels. In addition to the classical procedures for biochemical and genetic analyses, these groups are implementing the use of massive approaches and routinely make use of the approximately 40 complete genomic sequences of cyanobacteria already available.