In addition to the teaching strategies developed by professors from the Department of Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the IBVF researchers are currently involved in two official Master’s programs at the University of Sevilla:

1) Masters in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

This Masters program has three itineraries, the researchers of the IBVF participating in the area of Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology, although there are subjects of this itinerary offered as electives in the remaining two of Molecular Genetics and Plant Biotechnology.

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2) Masters in Protein Structure and Function

This Masters program is an Inter-university degree program that is currently undergoing verification and is derived from the postgraduate program with Quality Mention of the same name that was given with great success for five academic courses until the past year. In addition to the IBVF, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Universities of ​​Granadaand Zaragoza, and the Institute of the CSIC Rocasolano will participate in this Masters program. This Masters will be offered for the first time in the academic year 2012-2013.