Cysteine metabolism and signaling

Luis Carlos Romero González

The research of the group has been focused from its beginning on the metabolism of sulfur in plants. Our main focus is the study of cysteine biosynthesis and metabolism and recently signaling by molecules related to cysteine. We have been pioneers in establishing a change of concept, so that these molecules are involved in the signaling pathways that regulate essential processes in the plant, such as the responses to both abiotic and biotic adverse conditions, the autophagy and the root hair development. Current research focuses on deciphering the mechanisms of action of the sulfide and cyanide molecules in the regulation of these processes. We have identified post-translational modifications of cysteine residues in proteins, persulfidation when generated by sulfur, and S-cyanylation in the case of cyanide, first demonstrated in plants for sulfur and in any biological system for cyanide.

-Determine the functional role of hydrogen sulfide as a signaling molecule in the regulation of essential processes such as autophagy and plant adaptation to adverse conditions.

-Determine the role it would play hydrogen cyanide in signaling processes in which ethylene has traditionally been involved.

-Decipher the mechanisms of action, regulation and potential targets of these signaling molecules.

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Selected Publications
Type: Publications in journals
Arabidopsis S-sulfocysteine synthase activity is essential for chloroplast function and long-day light-dependentredox control
Authors: Bermúdez, M.A., Páez-Ochoa, M.A., Gotor, C., Romero, L.C
Publication Year: 2010
Pages: 403-416
Journal: Plant Cell
Volume: 22
Type: Publications in journals
Knocking Out Cytosolic Cysteine Synthesis compromises the antioxidant capacity of the cytosol to Maintain Discrete Concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide in Arabidopsis
Authors: López-Martín, M.C., Becana, M., Romero, L.C., Gotor, C.
Publication Year: 2008
Pages: 562-572
Journal: Plant Physiol.
Volume: 147
Secuencias reguladoras de la expresión de genes en tricomas de plantas y sus aplicaciones
Inventors: Gutiérrez-Alcalá, G.; Calo, L.; Gotor, C.; Romero, L.C.
Date: 16/06/2005
Plantas resistentes a medios con metales pesados
Inventors: Domínguez-Solís, J.R.; Gotor, C.; Romero, L.C.
Date: 16/11/2002